Kateřina Fojtíková

Massage price list, therapist - Kateřina Fojtíková, reservation on the phone number: +420 604 891 269, studioklid,email,cz
Payment for the services provided cannot be paid through the hotel account.





Types of massages                         Duration             Price

Classic back and neck massage      30 minutes          350,- CZK
Classic back and neck massage      60 minutes          550,- CZK
Classic lower limb massage            45 minutes          390,- CZK


CLASSIC TOTAL MASSAGE             90 minutes          890,- CZK




Types of massages                         Duration               Price

Anti-stress facial massage               30 minutes           250,- CZK
Facial massage + peeling                45 minutes            350,- CZK
Facial massage + peeling                40 minutes            350,- CZK

HONEY DETOX MASSAGE                45 minutes            450,- CZK


MASSAGE WITH LAVA STONES        45 minutes            400,- CZK
                                                 60 minutes            500,- CZK


TAPING    60,- CZK / 300,- CZK

Effects of classic massage:

massage accelerates the flushing out of metabolic products
massage expands capillaries - increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients
massage improves blood circulation, which makes it easier to absorb swelling and discharge
massage improves tissue nutrition
massage improves muscle activity
Massage reduces muscle tension
Lava stones back and neck
Hot stone massage stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. It deeply relaxes and harmonizes. Gradually warms the whole body. It helps detoxify the body and balances energy in the body.

Effects of facial massage:

facial skin is smoothed
support of skin elasticity
the contours of the face are strengthened
activation of collagen synthesis
the lines of expression and wrinkles are softened
supports the energetic functions of the skin