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Wellness center

A luxurious 220m2 wellness center provide you ultimate relaxation. You can choose from several types of saunas, such as Finnish, infra and steam sauna, and try the Kneipp Walk or Tepidarium. For cooling, we recommend using the outdoor pool. For relaxation, we have a relaxing area with comfortable loungers which are ready for you.

Wellness & Spa

Wellness Abacie is the perfect place to recharge with new energy. Accompanied by relaxing music, romantic illumination and surrounded by a soothing scent, you will find yourself in a world of tranquility, harmony and a feeling of complete relaxation.

Private SPA

Do you want to relax in complete privacy? Take advantage of our luxurious private spa with hydro massage whirlpool tub for two, a heated waterbed, a Finnish sauna and a shower. Price include the rental of bathrobes and towels, a set of bath cosmetics, fresh fruit and water carafe. And if you really want to enjoy your stay, we will prepare a bottle of chilled champagne or sparkling wine.

2 hours - 1390, - CZK (+100 backup on chip)
Every other 30 minutes started - 300,- CZK

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Rest and regenerate your body. Whirling and pearl underwater body massages use a combination of heat effects and a strong mechanical effect of swirling water. Hydrotherapy is performed in a room with two spa bead baths and a relaxation corner with sun loungers. The bath is followed by a dry wrap.

You can choose from several natural oils.

30 minut / 300,- CZK
15 minutes of bath, 15 minutes of dry wrap.


Warm wraps are one form of heat treatment. Their advantage is the use of natural healing resources. Thermotherapy is a healing method that uses local heat that causes the blood vessels to expand at the site of action and, as a result, to increase the blood supply and overall relaxation of the body of the client.

30 minutes / 300, - CZK

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen treatment is a regenerative cure consisting of inhaling pure oxygen at a concentration much higher than in the air. It improves the blood circulation with oxygen, and as a relaxation procedure it contributes to overall regeneration, fatigue reduction and psychological relaxation. It also has a beneficial and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

30 minutes / 180 CZK
10 x 30 minutes / 1 500, - CZK

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Massages are generally perceived as a form of relaxation but they also have excellent therapeutic and rehabilitative effects. In our Wellness center Abacie in Valašské Meziříčí you can be entrusted with the care of one professional worker.

Price list of massage, the therapist - Olga Baselová, reservation by phone: +420 731 517


Type of massage Duration The price
Classical back and neck massage 35 minutes 580,- CZK
Lava stones back and neck 35 minutes 580,- CZK
Classical lower limb massage 35 minutes 560,- CZK
Reflex Massage of Feet Foot 35 minutes 580,- CZK
Relaxation of shortened and strained muscles 30 minutes 460,- CZK
Paraffin on hands + massage 35 minutes 480,- CZK
Foot massage + warming wrap 45 minutes 800,- CZK
Foot massage + comfrey wrap 45 minutes 800,- CZK


Type of massage Duration The price
Classical total massage 60 minutes 890,- CZK
Lava stones whole body 60 minutes 990,- CZK


Type of massage Duration The price
Face and neck massage 30 minutes 560,- CZK
Massage with foam balls - face, décolleté, chest 45 minutes 580,- CZK
Face and neck massage + chocolate mask 45 minutes 890,- CZK
Facial and décolleté massage + clay mask 45 minutes 890,- CZK
Facial and décolleté massage + Dead Sea Salt Mask 45 minutes 890,- CZK


Type of massage Duration The price
Lymphatic massage of the whole body 60 minutes 890,- CZK
Massage against cellulitis of the lower limbs with the wrapper 60 minutes 850,- CZK
Lymphatic massage against swelling of the legs 60 minutes 830,- CZK

Classic massage

Effects of classic massage:

  • Massage is accelerating washing of the metabolic products
  • massaging expands capillaries - increasing supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • massage improves blood circulation and thus facilitates the absorption of swellings and sprains
  • massage improves tissue nutrition
  • massage improves muscle activity
  • massage reduces muscle tension

Lava stones back and neck

Lava stone massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. Deep relaxes and harmonises. It gradually heats the whole body. Helps detoxify the body and balance energy in the body.

Reflex massage of the foot's feet

A harmonizing assembly of squeezing acupressure points of the internal organs and spine. The spine is released through the foot.

Paraffin on hands + massage

  • improves blood circulation
  • relaxes muscles and joints
  • shuts off and softens the skin
  • leaves your hands smooth and relaxed
  • pleasantly warms up the skin
  • nourishes and strengthens nails

Face and neck massage

Effects of facial and décolletage massage:

  • the skin of the face, neck and décolleté is smooth
  • support skin elasticity
  • the facial contours are strengthened
  • activation of collagen synthesis
  • the expression lines and wrinkles are refined
  • supports the skin's energy functions

Massage with foam balls - face, neck, chest

The method is now used to reduce muscle tension

The massage is suitable for people who are afraid of:

  • arthrosis, scoliosis, faulty posture, developmental or acquired foot defects
  • postoperative scar care (total joint replacement, abdominal and thoracic surgery, burns, ...)
  • sensomotor stimulation (stimulation of nerve endings)
  • neurology (peripheral paresis, root lesions, ...
  • In asthmatic conditions of children and adults (asthma bronchiale)
  • in immune defects
  • with repeated bronchitis (obstructive bronchitis)
  • with recurrent laryngotracheitis
  • hay fever
  • cold

Massage against cellulitis of the lower limbs with the wrapper

The effects of cellulite massage:

  • there is a better absorption of fat
  • deep muscle structures are activated and fat tissue is disturbed
  • improving blood circulation and effective detoxification
  • the effect of the orange peel is noticeably disappearing
  • skin eruption occurs
  • reduces thigh circumference and problem areas
  • Manual lymphatic massage against swelling of the lower limbs

Effects of lymphatic massage:

  • removal of toxic substances from tissues
  • detoxification of the organism
  • helps regenerate the body after illness, sport, injury, surgery,
  • removes swelling after operations, injuries and vague origins
  • strengthens immunity, defense against infectious diseases
  • removes strong feelings of fatigue
  • helps to prevent and treat varicose veins
  • is part of the treatment of lymphedema, alleviates lymphatic swelling and pain caused by them
  • removal of the feeling of tiredness and heavy legs in people with a need for longer standing, sitting (eg shop assistants, storers, stewardesses,
  • hairdressers, programmers, doctors, etc.)
  • elimination of lymphatic swelling after oncological operations and radiotherapy
  • improves skin condition, helps to prevent wrinkles
  • helps to remove cellulite (orange skin)


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Galvanic Iron Treatment

Skin treatment using a galvanic iron is one of the ways to keep your aging skin in shape without having to undergo surgical procedures. The galvanic iron can be used on the face, skin and body. An advantage is the visible results after the first treatment thanks to the unique ageLOC technology and special galvanic treatment.

Body treatment brings results in the fight with double chin, fat in the arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. Helps smooth skin and reduce cellulite. The spell is based on stimulating, moisturizing and refreshing the skin.

When applied to the face, it greatly helps to smooth out the wrinkles, relieve pouch and swelling and unify skin color. It greatly reduces acne due to accelerating healing.


Body treatment 45 minutes 670,- CZK
Face treatment 45 minutes 770,- CZK
Treatment of face + neck 60 minutes 770,- CZK + 100,- CZK
Treatment face + neck + décollet 60 minutes 770,- CZK + 140,- CZK
NUSKIN body + face 90 minutes 1 360,- CZK 

Do you want to revive your hairstyle? Let our hairdresser Kateřina Posádová take care of you. Our main goal is your satisfaction. Both services and the term by mutual agreement can be fully adapted to your requirements.

Orders by phone at +420 731 262 134.



Individual and professional care characterize our cosmetic services. Your skin will be cared by a beautician with a health education- Daniela Krupičková.

Orders by phone at +420 777 817 312.